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Logistics / Transportation

Warehouses and factories are storage areas for valuable goods for companies that can attract potential thieves. In general, they cover large areas which require specific monitoring applications. Monitor these areas is very important to protect the properties and assets.

Argos Technologies offers a range of access control products, video surveillance with a high level of protection with features particularly suited to the extensive monitoring by the perimeter detection, access control, tracking, …

1Factories entrance. Control all access and ensure the safety of your employees. With cameras, you see the face of every person who enters. Count exactly the number of people coming in and out your place with the crossing of virtual lines in order to comply with the safety standards.

2Logistics center treadmill. Find lost packages and detect theft through the Chronosoft video analysis tool that performs automated video monitoring on logistics treadmills.

3Production lines. Monitor your production lines, detect incidents in order to react quickly, troubleshoot and increase your productivity.

4Storage areas / warehouses. Secure access to restricted areas, see the faces of persons coming into these areas. Use H&T1 trackers to  react as quickly as possible in case of theft or moving cartons.

5Parking. Detect suspicious persons prowling around in order to stealcars,degrade vehicles … Thanks to the LPR tool, you have the list of vehicles present in your parking.

6Convoying. Use H&T1 trackers with interactive maps to follow the itinerary of your packages and react as quickly as possible in case of theft or moving cartons.


4K HD video quality. Our high definition cameras let you see every detail. You visualize accurately the faces of people , the licence plates, suspicious objects , …

Efficient and quick platform. Detect and react fastly to incidents to ensure the safety of people.

2D / 3D Interactive graphical interface . Your cameras park is indicated on a 2D/3D map. You see in real time the orientation of all your cameras, their field of view and you can change the orientation of them with a single click. In case of failure, you are immediately notified.

A reliable and secure system

You access to the platform with secured connections. You benefit from technical assistance with our technical experts in case of any breakdowns or problems. We assure you a one year warranty carry-on for all the Argos range products .

Choose quality equipment

Our software suites made in France certify you an optimum quality. Our devices ensures a high quality HD images with 360 degrees cameras . We will find an appropriate response in order to suit to your needs. Our multiprotocol solutions are open and integrated into your environment and we offer you the possibility to upgrade your system.s du temps.

Don’t miss any detail and identify criminals

Monitor and investigate your areas of interest while maintaining direct flow of your cameras. View all incidents that may occur in real time to take decisions quickly.
Zoom into the face of criminals in order to identify them in live or a posteriori . Communicate the images to the security forces with our optimized search functionality.Combine other elements to our products and manage intrusion detection, license plates recognition LPR, access control, …

Reduce your costs and make profit quickly with your investment

Our open solutions enable you to avoid having to change all your existing systems. We integrate your IP and analog systems. Reduce stock costs due to theft prevention and quick search of lost packages. Reduce time criminal investigations through high quality video evidence from our HD cameras.

A global solution

Our solutions offer a wide range of products: hypervisors, cameras, accessories, video analytics, cloud storage, nomad video recorder. They provide high quality images and are powerful management tools . Tailored to your needs in analog and IP, they ensure optimum safety for your interest areas.

Innovation, evolution & development

The Argos Technologies belonging to ESI Group guarantees an optimized and highly scalable product integration while ensuring constant innovation and future developments.

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